Things To Do in Ao Nang

Ao Nang has a wide range of ‘things to do’ – too many to mention, but there is something for everyone. There are many temples to visit, Hikes/view points, Island hopping, rock climbing or elephant sanctuaries to name a few. Obviously we can only talk about the ones we have experienced, so lets get on with it!

Ao Nang Beach

Previously mentioned in ‘Our Brutally Honest Guide To – Ao Nang!

All you need to remember for this beach is, wear beach shoes, and if you don’t fancy that – watch where the hell you are stepping in regards to the sea urchins! Be vigilant in the warm waters of the sea because of the odd jelly fish, but other then that there are bars and restaurants a stone throw away and we would recommend taking a day or too, to visit Ao Nang beach!

Tiger Cave – Krabi

Also known as Wat Tham Suea. It Consists of 1237 steps up to the top! Okay, so don’t sound too terrible right? In all honesty for us, and we like to climb mountains for fun… it was the longest, hottest and wettest (from sweat!) 1237 steps ever! Sounds like Dog Sh*t right?!

This was on the way down- as you can tell by the lady on my left, she is desperately looking for the top!

Another thing maybe to mention is the steps are not equal in size! Some range from 3inches to a foot (some maybe more!) – So for us short ar*es, it can be a bit of a nightmare!Once at the top, the view wasn’t too bad. For us, I think it could of been better, after that much sweating, and work to climb these steps, we hoped for a little more at the finish line. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice, but it didn’t really compare to some of the views we have seen in other temples and view points.

If you take the climbing out the story and didn’t fancy it, there is a temple at the bottom that for us, was amazing. It was very authentic and was very spiritual. If visiting this temple, make sure you actually enter the tiger cave around the corner. That, for some reason for us carried a lot of emotion. It was just lovely, and were not even sure why we felt like that.

Also there are monkeys walking around the place, we mainly seen them at the bottom robbing a little kid of her milk carton, but as we were leaving they started making their way up into the trees.

Remember, it is a Buddhist temple, a place of worship – you will need to cover your knees and shoulders. Oh and don’t have food or rustle plastic bags around the monkeys!

The tiger cave is easily reached by moped from Ao Nang! (Around 40 mins) just make sure you double check there is fuel in the tank, not like us pair of d*ck heads, breaking down half way because we were them stupid people that didn’t think and just assumed they come with a full tank! WRONGGGG! They do not! BUT luckily for us, someone must of been watching over, cause we broke town literally opposite a petrol station! (Thankfully, it was there and not 5 minutes before, where a local was chopping up a cows head!- Sh*t could of got weird!)

*We will be putting more general tips to remember while travelling in another blog soon!*

You literally drive between mountains to get there! Its amazing!

Khao Ngon Nak – Dragon Crest Trail

Amazing view right? Who wouldn’t want to end up with a fantastic view like this at the end of an enjoyable trek through the actual jungle?! As we said before, we enjoy climbing mountains for fun, so for us – we really effin’ enjoyed it! The whole trek including water stops and photos of the views and wildlife took us around 3 and a half hours!

Its fairly challenging while in the jungle, but occasionally come across some bloody nice points before the biggy at the end.

One of our water stops along the way! Oh and Insect repellent top up!

You eventually come to a section where you come out of the jungle canopy where it is more rocky, here you have to climb a little, but not so much that you feel unsteady or unsafe, you just have to pull yourself up a little to get to the grand finale!

Before doing this trek I come across a blog that said you have to shuffle along a cliff edge with a sheer drop to your right to get to the top, this is complete and utter….. well, you know what I mean.

World at my feet huh?

You can also venture to ‘the pools’ or waterfall half way up. Being dry season we didn’t bother with the waterfall as we hadnt seen a spec of water throughout the trek. We did however take a little wander to ‘the pools’ – Don’t waste your time! Unless you want to walk an extra 15- 20mins to see a pi**ing puddle under a bit of rock. Looking at it, it wouldn’t of been much more bigger in the rainy season.

When you come back down from the jungle they ask for a tip for the people who volunteer there, this goes towards maintaining the trail, keeping it clean from waste and for someone to be with you quick incase of an emergency, you know standard stuff, if you slip and break your ar*se, that kinda thing.

(We also hired a moped to get to the hike, about 30 minutes drive from Ao Nang)

Railay Beach

From Ao Nang beach you can get on the iconic long tail boat to Railay, it isn’t much to get there either , if we remember rightly around 100baht each, and its quite a picturesque boat ride with lime stones surrounding you or you can take pictures on the front of the boat if your one for a daily photoshoot.

Surrounding limestone rocks on the way to Railay Beach, from Ao Nang

Once you arrive at Railay, you feel the difference underfoot, the sand is one of the softest, whitest sands we have ever had the privilege to stand on! Trust us when we say, it lives up to its reputation of being one of the nicest beaches in Thailand. Unfortunately, Ryan got that excited for paddle boarding we forgot to take a bloody picture of the beach! Plus we got a little carried away with finding the ‘cock cave’…. yep, you read that right! The cock cave. Me being as naive as I am, I generally thought that it was going to be a cave with cocks…. you know the chicken type.

Ohhh, I was so wrong!

Two caves full of wooden cockaroo’s!

Its probably the weirdest cave we have visited, but there is a story behind it. The spirit of ‘Phranang’ or the ‘Princess Goddess’, is believed to live amongst the cocks. The princess was killed in a shipwreck near where the shrine sits and locals will come and offer gifts in hope to grant them fertility!”

There are many restaurants, bars and shops on Railay, a little more expensive then Ao Nang but nothing extortionate! You also have Kayaking or paddle boarding! There are many caves to go and explore not far away. Ryan paid 100baht for one hour! So its worth getting it for two hours so you can take your time and enjoy the caves and views!

This was Ryan’s view looking back towards Railay beach! Pretty awesome!

You get dropped at the west side of the beach, to get to the cock cave you have to venture to the east side via a path that has wild monkeys! (Again, watch your food and bags! They can be little fu*kers!) On this side of the island you can also do rock climbing, but other then that little bit of beach near the cock cave, the rest is more mangroves, so we would personally recommend staying on the west side for your beach day.

Krabi Town

Short and sweet most honest opinion, don’t waste your time. Its just a typical city with nothing special to look at. Ao Nang is far better and has so much more going on!

Krabi Town…Boring!!

Fossil Shell beach

This beach was sign posted on our way back from a disappointing visit to Krabi town. We thought we would pop in as it sounded interesting. We cannot really comment on what this was like as when we got there, the notice board stated that it was 40baht for locals and 400baht for foreigner’s, PER PERSON!! We were quite disgusted with the difference in price so turned right back around! It might of been a lovely place but we wasn’t paying that amount of money to do the same thing the locals got in for 360baht cheaper! No Thanks!

While staying in Ao Nang you can do many day trips to the different surrounding islands, we went to the Phi Phi Islands during our stay. We have decided to write about this Island (along with the other islands you can visit while in Thailand) in a separate blog so we can go into it in more detail about it!

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