Our Brutally Honest Guide To – Ao Nang

Well if your reading this your obviously interested in visiting Thailand, right? Stupid question really, every traveller on the road today has Thailand as one of their destinations! With good reason! To this day Thailand is one of our favorite places in the world! From beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, breath taking temples and mouthwatering food, Ao Nang lives up to these expectations! But like everywhere in the world, all the amazing photos posted online don’t show the whole picture. That being said, in our opinion it’s worth a visit! This is one of our favorite places in mainland Thailand!

First stop – Ao Nang Beach!

April 2019 – Ao Nang Beach

Amazing right? Who doesn’t love the white sands and blue seas in hot weather?

As Picturesque as it is, while taking this photo, behind me Ryan was jumping around trying to fling sea urchins off the bottom of his foot!… five times in one day. We were in Ao Nang early April 2019- it may very well have been the time of year we were there but there were many washed up sea urchins all over the beach. By many we mean you have literally got to watch every step you take to avoid crunching their spikey little bodies under foot! Although these ones are not poisonous, the spines fu**in hurt, as Ryan often found out. Beach shoes are a good idea… Yep, I had mine on! Once in the sea though it’s amazing, beautiful warm waters with sand under foot. Looking back to the palm tree lined beach with mountains as a backdrop, perfect! Like every sea in the world though keep an eye out for jellyfish, you don’t want to end up like me with a tentacle hanging out of your bikini bottoms while walking out the sea!

Along the beach front, there are numerous bars and restaurants to grab food and drink from, at reasonable prices, so no need to move very far throughout the day. Keep an eye out for a local deaf man selling barbequed corn on the cob its around 50baht, we don’t know how he makes it taste so good but my god its delicious!

So delicious even the birds want your left overs!

The only other thing worth mentioning, is we noticed the tide didn’t go out until after 12 noon, so that meant you were sitting under the trees in the shade rather then soaking up the sun! Overall, we spent quite a few days down the beach just relaxing drinking Chang! Defiantly worth a visit!

Cant beat a nice cold one on a hot day!

The Town

When we say town, it’s more like a long road that runs along the beach front, again loads of bars and restaurants, clothes and souvenir shops and supermarkets. It may not be a massive place but it has everything you’ll need! There are plenty of tour offices dotted around that offer trips to some amazing surrounding islands, temples and view points.

Once the sun starts to set it becomes a lot livelier, people gather on the beach to catch the amazing sunset.

As you can tell, Amazing sunset! No filter needed here!

During sunset the bars turn livelier, some playing chilled live music or some a little more upbeat. One thing they all have in common is happy hour, that seems to last a lot longer than an hour! Two big Chang beers for 100baht (Around £2.50), so you can’t go wrong! As far as restaurants are concerned you could spit and hit one ( please dont spit guys! ) they are all along for as long as you can walk, many with a roof top terrace! From traditional Thai food to pizza and chips, so if you’re a fussy eater there is something for everyone! Like everywhere you can pay a tad more being on the beach front, but its still bloody cheap.

While walking the streets be prepared for the cabaret show girls or possibly boys..? (this is Thailand after all) being dragged into taking a photo with them might seem innocent, but then you will find they want paying once you go to walk off! – Yep, your getting charged to take a photo on your own phone! Ryan don’t seem to be able to take his own advice because he falls for the same thing in every place we go too….every time !

Although they don’t charge a lot for a photo, its still more then you would expect for a photo on your own phone!

Street Food

As good as the restaurants are, like everywhere in Thailand you’ve got to go for the street food!! There are two great places for street food in Ao Nang.

There is a massive night market, it is a little walk away on the next beach along, on Noppharat Thara beach. (Don’t ask us how to pronounce that!) its about 15 minute stroll along the beach front, but is well worth the travel. We only found this place on our last few nights which p*ssed us off slightly, so we ate enough food to make up for the time we had missed! There is so much choice of food no one will go hungry! We would recommend the visit as there is live music, clothes stalls/souvenirs, a fun fair and more importantly- many places to grab a beer, so you can easily spend the night there enjoying yourself.

The other is a small food court only a short walk up the hill from Ao Nang beach, but it is well hidden, we walked up and down trying to find this place for ages! It is a lot smaller then the first one mentioned and it doesn’t offer picky street food, its more like an outside street restaurant, but with lots of different stalls to choose from. (Google maps -‘Roots rock reggae bar’, just after you come to that bar turn right!)

This amazing lot was from the first night market we were talking about!

You may be a little wary at first about the street food in regards to hygiene ect, but at no point have we worried about shi**ing ourselves…..

Once again, if you have made it this far, Thank you!!

If you are interested in things to do while visiting here, check out our next blog – Things to do in Ao Nang!

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  1. Absolute loving your blog, can’t wait for the next instalment! You’re doing a fantastic job. Stay well, stay safe, keep living the dream 😘 xx


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