First Things First

Hi guys! This is officially our first ever blog!

Hopefully we dont waffle on too much but just enough so you get to know the insights as to why we wanted to travel and write about it.
Soooo here goes nothing!

So this is us…. The Wife- Robbie-Marie & The Husband- Ryan

As you can probably tell, we are in no way shape or form beautiful travel bloggers you see every day on the Internet!
Too many double chins between us!

We are Originally from sunny England, in the Midlands. Visiting different countries was always on our to do list, but we felt unable to truly experience each place how we wanted to in a short amount of time, before heading back to reality.

What made our minds up to travel..

We were in the middle of Reykjavik in Iceland, sipping on happy hour red wine after our tour to the golden circle. We were in deep conversation without sounding to cliché, about how quick life passes you by. Like, what the hell were we doing? Yes, we have a house, cars, and two fairly good jobs, but is that what truly makes us happy anymore?

Plume of steam coming from one of Iceland’s many volcanic craters!

Iceland completely changed our view on life, the most beautiful landscapes, the food and local culture we experienced during our time there, were absolutely out of this world, and we wanted that feeling and experience more often.
So, do people just up and leave everything they have ever known and worked for to travel?
– Was what we wanted to do even possible now?

Sounds completely crazy or Ballsy but it only took us a week to properly decide that you can just up and leave, and that was exactly what we were going to do! After looking back on the 5 years we had been together, we finally decided we were going to live for us. Not for all the pain and heart ache we experienced with my- (Robbie) PTSD and depression, the tragic and brutal death of my mum, who was my absolute soul mate . Then, when finally building our life back to the new ‘norm’, 18 months later i lost my dad to cancer.

Now is as good time as any!

The house went up for sale, we sold that along with everything we owned, quit our jobs and headed for the airport with nothing but eachother and our backpacks 4 months later.
Dont get us wrong, we were absolutley shi**ing our under crackers!
But the one thought that got us on that plane out of the UK was…

We would rather regret trying to follow our dreams; then regret not trying to follow them at all!

Okay, why tell the world about it?

In all honesty we wasn’t going to start a blog, there are thousands online! More than you will ever be able to read, although we gave it a good go before we left!

Do you really need another one telling you how to pack your backpack or how amazing the sunset was?

Before leaving, we had read many must do’s, must see’s and what to pack blogs but couple months into our trip we found ourselves more then often saying to each other –

Its the complete opposite to what we read online’

In our personal experience, we found that some of the must do’s wasn’t really worth getting out of bed for, some of the must see’s were not worth seeing and most of the must pack items we started out with… well lets just say we no longer own them!

We dont want to put anyone off making the decison to travel, that is not our intention, as its the best couragous decison we have ever made ourselves. While we are adding to the thousands of blogs around us today OUR aim is to give a brutally honest, zero bullsh*t opinion of the things weve experienced so far and show you guys the sides of travelling that noone seems to mention. – Do you get much sleep on a sleeper bus? OR Is it really that disgusting if i wear this t-shirt for the 4th time? Ya’no?

Well guys, thank you if you have made it this far, I’m guessing there wont be many! We will see! We would really appreciate any comments or feedback! Feel free to follow us on here or on Instagram for more photos! @r2p2travels

10 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. I love seeing your posts it brightens my day
    Great start to your Blog I look forward to reading what the pair of you get up to on your travels.
    Big hugs keep smiling writing and taking the beautiful photos 💚


  2. Wishing you all the best! You should be proud of who you are after go through so much that could break anyone, look forward to seeing your adventures!


  3. Good luck on your travels. Yes, do it now, life is much too short. Go places and see the world, or whatever you can fit in. X


  4. Great blog ( check me getting down with the youngsters ) love seeing and reading your adventures keep it up enjoy & be happy 😃 x


  5. You go guys! Life really is too short to be stuck in one place and I admire what you are doing. Get out and see the world you may even find a place where you would love to settle down. The world is a beautiful place ❤️ Enjoy 🥰


  6. What a amazing thing to do, hope you have the best time.Loved reading your blog look forward to reading more good luck 😃


  7. Couz this is a amzing thing writing a blog, keeps me posted on how ur both doing i look forward everyday to see what u have been up too.. love and miss u both keep living the dream couz love me xxxx


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